Arrival and Training in San Diego / Llegada y Entrenamiento en San Diego

                                                                                                      (versión en español hasta abajo)

I can’t say that I recommend to anyone air travel with a bike, a dog and too many bags! But we made it and Max was a trooper!

Beatriz and Anna from the hotel were wonderful and all smiles as I checked in. 

The San Diego sun was shining as I set up the bike and the two trailers that were waiting for me here at the hotel. There was even a bit of daylight left for me to take a spin around the neighborhood. We’re just on the edge of Old Town right in the middle of everything – not too far from Ocean Beach and Mission Beach as well as downtown.

Cycling with the two trailers is taking some getting use to, for both me and Max, but the ride up to Cabrillo National Monument on Sunday was beautiful under sunny skies and with amazing ocean views.

Now to the task of preparing: more training, contact with local press, arrangements for family and friends who will be joining me at the end of the month for my birthday and send-off  . . . and so much more to do. Well, time to get to work!

En español . . . . no recomiendo a nadie viajar en avión con un perro, una bici y demasiadas maletas! Pero aún así, llegamos bien y Max se portó como campeón!

Beatriz y Anna del hotel me atendieron de maravilla ambas con una enorme sonrisa durante el registro.

El sol de San Diego brillaba mientras armaba la bici y los dos remolques que estaban esperándome aquí en el hotel. Aún me quedaba un poco de luz para dar una vuelta de la zona. Estamos en el límite de “Old Town” y en medio de todo – no muy lejos de Ocean Beach y Mission Beach tanto como el downtown.

Acostumbrándonos a rodar con los dos remolques nos está costando algo de trabajo, tanto para mí que para Max, pero la excursión el domingo a Cabrillo National Monument fue hermoso bajo un cielo asoleado y con vistas impresionantes del mar!

Ahora a concentrarme en los preparativos: aún más entrenamiento, contacto con la prensa local, todos los arreglos para la familia y los amigos quienes estarán acompañándome al fin de mes para mi cumpleaños y la despedida . . . y mucho más por hacer! Entonces, es hora para trabajar!

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10 Responses to Arrival and Training in San Diego / Llegada y Entrenamiento en San Diego

  1. Zac Shook says:

    looking forward to following you!! I am on tour right now too.. Take care, be safe, and have fun..

  2. Menelaos says:

    The journey you have ahead of you is remarkable, there’s no question about that.

    What I want to applaud you on is the fact that you write your posts both in English and in Spanish! Not many people do that. When I left Argentina, I started writing my travel blog in English, Spanish and Greek. A few weeks later, I realized that it was taking too much of my time, so I decided to drop 2 languages.
    I hope you do better than I did. 🙂

    Enjoy every moment of your journey!


    • bike50at50 says:

      thanks!! . . . but I’m already behind in writing ANY blog whether it be in Enlgish, Spanish, or any oher language! It’s tough riding all day and then writing in the evening . . . I hope to get into a routine and catch up soon. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Take care.

  3. Dave Reid says:

    Best of luck on your endeavor. You’ve got a ways before you hit the northeast, but when you do, don’t forget to swing through Rhode Island since your map bypasses it. Come June, maybe I’ll be able to join you on part of your trek across upstate NY.

  4. Moneva says:

    Hey David! This sounds like quite an adventurous undertaking! If you come through St. Louis, you can stay at our home! I am on couchsurfing!
    Good luck with your trip!

  5. Pedro/Josefina says:

    Good Luck and goodwill to you. What a good way to turn 50. We are already in our 60’s and we do some travelling but not on a bike. That’s our biggest regret–not learning how to bike. So if you do pass by our area of Rowland Hts. , we’ll give you a good luck wave on your travel.

  6. bike50at50 says:

    Hey, it’s never too late to learn! You can start riding tomorrow!! So, where is Rowland Hts?

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